Law enforcement officers place themselves in harm’s way when they attempt to terminate a pursuit by deploying a tire deflation device.  The Remotely Activated Puller (TRAP) removes law enforcement officers from the zone of danger when deploying a tire deflation device.  The TRAP is placed adjacent to the roadway, and then after the law enforcement officer is in a safe, tactical position the TRAP is activated by wireless remote, which pulls the tire deflation device into the path of the fleeing vehicle. The TRAP continues to pull the tire deflation device from the roadway to clear the path for the pursuing law enforcement officers. The TRAP is portable, rechargeable, resets in minutes, and requires no long term investment. The TRAP works with various tire deflation devices already used by most law enforcement agencies.

The TRAP (The Remotely Activated Puller), is owned by TAKE DOWN GROUP LLC.

​U.S. Pat. No. 9,896,314

​The TRAP designer and owner of TAKE DOWN GROUP, Marc Zelinsky has 15 years of local law enforcement experience to include 18 months as a law enforcement professional contractor in Afghanistan and 12 months in Haiti.