Dimensions                     Case 10.7”x9.75”x4.8”
      Weight                             16.5 lbs.

      Speeds                            3000 RPMs; 3500 RPMs; 4000 RPMs
      Pull Distance                  250 Ft of cord
      Pull Rate                        One Traffic lane per 1.5 sec approx..
      Relay Distance               75 Ft to 100 Ft max
      Compatibility                 Popular Tire Deflation Devices
      Environmental               Water resistant (Should not be submerged)
      Drop Test                       1.5 Ft onto hard surface  

      Type                                One 12v Sealed Lead Acid and One 6v Sealed Lead Acid Battery in Series for 18v
      Discharge Rate                3% per year
      Recharge Low Battery     2-3 hours
      Recharge Frequency       4 to 5 days depending on storage temperature                            


Min/Max working Temp      Batteries may be discharged at Temps ranging from -40°C to (-40°F         to 140°F)

                                              and charged at temperatures from -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)    

Warranty                            Manufacture Warranty                1 year Parts and Labor